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Mastery Program

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David and Ron,

Putting your advice to work, I have just kissed an absolutely marvelous girl goodnight -- and I've only known her four days!

Anyway, I owe you one ... and I'll be on the lookout for new ideas from you!

I just wanted to say: THANK YOU!!

- Alexander, New York City

Dear Ron and David,

I got your material. I looked it over. The next day I went to my University's student center, and was sitting in the lounge watching Basketball on TV, when suddenly I saw a beautiful blonde sit down next to me.

I used your techniques on her and we talked for 15 minutes. I asked her for her telephone number and e-mail -- and she gave it to me.

I never used to talk to women, because I was shy and I didn't know what to say. Now, she was only the second girl I ever talked to in my life -- and I got her telephone number -- after only having had your material ONE DAY.

It's amazing how your techniques work!! They are simple and great. Thank you for this amazing work. I hope to see more of your works in the future!!


- Adel, Burlington, VT

The Mastery Program sets itself apart from the usual run of the mill dating materials. It is a comprehensive program that covers the whole spectrum of dating. Presented in sixteen audio CDs, a workbook for you to practice the methods recommended. The notebook also serves as a means to track your progress. Recording your progress is a very visual way of seeing the improvements you make instead of just experiencing it and it also reinforces what is being taught on the CDs. That way you can feel that this stuff actually works and is no hype!

What I really like about the Mastery Program is the way the whole program is structured. It is easy to see that both the authors who also happen to be the narrators in the audio CD had put a lot of work into the structuring of the entire program. End result is a very easy to follow and understand program. It is almost like you are taking the program real time with an instructor guiding you every step of the way.

The Mastery Program stretches over a period of little over a month; 32 days to be specific and listeners are guided through the program step by step all the way thru the 32 days. Everyday the program kicks off with a quick revision of the previous day's lesson and homework. At the end of the day, listeners are given a set of task (homework) that revolves around the topic discussed for the day for them to practice and get a feel of things.

Throughout the program, the authors time and again reinforce the key points in the program and encourage listeners to keep on practicing these key ideas till it becomes effortless and in grain in them. This is another plus point for this program as it not only moves forward but also reflects back on past key ideas and relates them together. Therefore at any one time if you have a problem with a certain technique, you can always replay the CD and go through that particular day's program again.

Another benefit of the Mastery Program is that you can do it at your own time. This removes the time constraint for busy singles who simply can't find the time for dating seminars or workshops. The whole program can be done in the comfort of your living room or you can listen to the CDs while driving EXCEPT for the practical sessions. It's as easy as that! The catch is you will have to put what you learn into practice meaning you got to get out there and go approach women and practice, practice, practice!

A salient point for the Mastery Program is the amount of examples that is peppered throughout the whole program. The real life interviews with women are particularly interesting and you get to hear how the authors put into practice what they preach and how positively the women responded to them. That should be proof enough that their method works! The authors even go to the length of explaining the examples, stressing on how you can maneuver yourself out from potentially sticky situation. Case in point is an example whereby the woman he was interviewing who holds a job as a social worker starts taking about the downside of her job and how he steers her out of that depressing thought and move her on to a more cheerful topic.

I particularly like the Goodbye Introduction technique. It's really great for shy guys since there isn't much to say given the fact that you're leaving and also there's no risk of rejection simply because you're already leaving. By the way, this also happens to be a great way to build confidence in approaching women.

OK, I admit that I am a shy guy and there's this attractive girl that I occasionally run into at the local store but somehow never find the courage to approach. Armed with what I learn from the Mastery Program I decided to approach her one day. On that fateful day she wore this cute t-shirt with the words "God made a few perfect heads, on the rest he put hair!" written on it. I walked to her and said, "I can't help noticing the statement you are making with that shirt." To which she laughed and I took that opportunity to introduce myself and in return she gave me her name and we shook hands. After which I said I have to go (using the Goodbye Introduction technique) and hope to see her again soon. I really couldn't belief that it was so easy to approach her and that success really boost my spirits and confidence. Needless to say, I was in the store again next weekend when I know that she would most likely be there and I've never looked back since!

Then there's the part on deepening skills; how to start deepening conversation with women. Now this is an interesting skill to master as it not only reduces the amount of talking you have to do; doubly good if you happen to be a man of few words. But this also gives a woman the impression that you are soaking and digesting their every word. It shows them that you are interested and find them attractive and that is brownie points for you.

After I got to know Ashley, I started to put into practice the deepening skill that is thought in the Mastery Program and believe me it works like magic! To say that this program works is an understatement! Till today I am still doing my Hi Program, simply because it helps me to get over the fear of approaching woman and this has work wonders for my self confidence. The key is to consistently work on the techniques in order to be a man's man even though you've achieved some measure of success.

You like me can benefit from this program too. So, take the first step towards becoming the man that women desire.

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